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Aluminum Alloy 2024 Hardness


2024 aluminum alloy has excellent mechanical properties and is widely used in aerospace and automobile manufacturing. 2024 aluminum alloy has excellent strength and performs well under normal and low temperature conditions, making it suitable for applications requiring high strength.

Aluminum alloy 2024 t3 was introduced by Alcoa in 1931. Its Ai-Cu-Mg structural composition allows its yield strength to reach 5ksi, replacing 2017-T4 as the main 2XXX series aerospace alloy. 2024 has relatively good fatigue resistance, especially in thick plates, making it suitable for most aircraft structural applications.

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2024 aluminum alloy is easy to process such as extrusion, forging, and casting, and is suitable for the manufacture of complex parts. 2024 aluminum alloy has certain high temperature resistance and is suitable for applications in some high temperature environments.

Under normal circumstances, after T3 state heat treatment, the hardness of 2024 aluminum alloy is about HB120. After more stringent heat treatment in the T351 state or T4 state, the hardness may be higher, reaching around HB140.

Common tempers of 2024 aluminum sheet

1. T4 temper: 2024 aluminum alloy undergoes natural aging treatment after solid solution treatment. In the T4 state, the alloy has high strength and good corrosion resistance, but the hardness and strength are relatively low, making it suitable for applications requiring corrosion resistance.

2. T6 temper: 2024 aluminum alloy is artificially aged after solid solution treatment. In the T6 state, the alloy has high strength and hardness while maintaining good toughness, and is suitable for applications requiring high strength and hardness, such as aerospace and high-performance structural component manufacturing.

3. T3 temper: 2024 aluminum alloy is aged directly after solution treatment. In the T3 state, the alloy has good strength and plasticity and is suitable for situations requiring high strength and good processability.

4. T8 temper: After solid solution treatment, the 2024 aluminum alloy is age hardened at a higher temperature. In the T8 state, the alloy obtains higher strength and hardness and is suitable for special applications requiring extremely high strength and hardness.

2024 aluminum alloy applications

Aerospace field: 2024 aluminum alloy is widely used in aircraft structural parts, aircraft fuselages, wing spars, flight control parts, etc., requiring materials to be lightweight while having high strength.

Automobile manufacturing: 2024 aluminum alloy is commonly used in automobile engine parts, body structural parts, chassis, etc. to improve the overall performance and lightweight of the car.

Sports equipment: Due to the high strength and good processability of 2024 aluminum alloy, it is often used to manufacture sports equipment, such as mountaineering equipment, bicycle parts, etc.

Haomei Aluminum has many tempers of 2024 aluminum alloys. Welcome to leave message to inquire 2024 t3 aluminum sheet price.

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