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Duralumin 2024 for Aircraft


Aviation aluminum is an ultra-high-strength deformed aluminum alloy, which is currently widely used in the aerospace industry. It has good mechanical and processing properties, good plasticity after solution treatment, good heat treatment strengthening effect, general strength below 150°C (or even higher), good toughness, and is an ideal structural material.

Compared with ordinary aluminum alloys, aluminum alloys for aircraft have higher requirements for strength, hardness, toughness, fatigue resistance and plasticity. Due to the light weight and light weight of aviation aluminum, it replaces steel and occupies the leading position of current aviation materials. Aviation equipment has higher requirements for aluminum, which is an important high-end application market for aluminum.

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There are many types of aluminum alloys used on airplanes. The aluminum alloys used in the structure of aviation aircraft in the world today are mainly high-strength 2 series (2024, 2017, 2A12, etc.), ultra-high strength 7 series (7075, 7475, 7050, 7A04, etc.), and some 5 series (5A06, 5052, 5086, etc.) and 6 series (6061, 6082, etc.) and a small amount of other series of aluminum.

Duralumin 2024 has high compressive strength, certain temperature resistance, and can be used as working parts below 150℃. When the temperature is higher than 125°C, the compressive strength of 2024 aluminum alloy is higher than that of 7075 aluminum alloy. Its corrosion resistance is weak, but it can be reasonably maintained with pure aluminum clad.

The 2024 aluminum plate is used to make a variety of long-time load parts and prefabricated components such as aircraft frame parts, skins, bulkheads, ribs, spars, bolts and other working parts below 150℃.

The 2024 alloy undergoes natural solution treatment after heat treatment, and can obtain relatively high compressive strength and ductility. Because its strength is very high, it is generally used to produce aircraft skin, beams, bulkheads, and wings,etc. However, compared with the structural steel, the strength and bending rigidity of aluminum alloy is still insufficient. At this stage, silico-manganese alloy steel is still used as the raw material for the wheel.

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