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Al 7075 Properties and Uses


The choice of alloy is very important for extrusion projects. In the aerospace industry, Al alloy 7075 is usually used. 7075 aluminum uses zinc as the main alloying element. As a member of the 7000 series, its strength is very high, comparable to many types of steel. It is often used in applications under high stress, such as aircraft spars and ground support equipment.

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Al 7075 properties

Its main alloying element is zinc. Zinc is for increasing strength. It also contains chromium and copper.

Its main alloying element is zinc. Zinc is for increasing strength. It also contains chromium and copper. It has high strength, general corrosion resistance, poor weldability and workability. It can also be machined. This alloy usually undergoes solution heat treatment to further improve its high strength properties. Its common tempers are O, T6 and T73.

7075 VS 2024

Very similar to 7075 aluminum alloy, 2024 aluminum alloy is commonly used in aerospace applications. In particular, it is commonly used for aircraft wings and fuselages. Both alloys provide similar weldability. The workability of 2024 is slightly better, while the corrosion resistance of 7075 is slightly better.

7075 VS 6061

6061 aluminum alloy is often referred to as "structural" aluminum. It is usually used in construction. It also has high versatility and can be used for bicycle racks, electrical accessories and radiators.

6061 aluminum sheet has higher corrosion resistance, weldability and workability. But it does not have the high strength of 7075 aluminum. Where strength is a more important consideration, Al alloy 7075 is the better choice.


The important advantage of 7075 aluminum is its high strength. Although it does not have the same level of corrosion resistance or weldability as other common alloys, its resistance to stress and strain makes it very useful in aerospace applications because it is lighter than steel and can reduce the weight of aircraft.

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